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Healing FAQ Answers

1. What is a Spiritual Reading?

Energy or Spiritual Healing is recognized by many sacred texts, including New Testament scriptures, and is a tenet of ancient and modern religions.

A Spiritual Healer has learned to pass healing energy from spiritual forces to recipients. This energy helps to bring about relief, cure and healing of spiritual, mental and physical conditions. This energy is conveyed to the recipient through the healers hands, or psychically for absentee healing, and is absorbed by the recipient. The energy will move to the areas where it is required for the highest and best of the recipient. Absentee healing works even if the individual does not know healing is being sent.

Belief in the body’s ability to generate its own healing energy is important in bringing about healing.

Thought is the basis of all actions. Our thoughts have an impact on every cell, for either health or disease. Anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, and despair depress vital energy. Faith, hope, happiness and kindness stimulate essential life forces and promote healing.

Spiritual Healing is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is a complementary therapy, compatible with all others forms of treatment. Never substitute a spiritual healing for medical treatment or advice. Any health-related topics should always be discussed with the physician of your choice, before taking action.

2. What will happen during the healing?

We will spend a moment to welcome you personally and ask if it is your will to participate in the healing.

Often an opening prayer will be said out loud to set the intentions. It is not always necessary to share the specifics of your healing intentions. If you feel the desire to share your intentions with the healer, feel free to do so at this time.

With the laying on of hands, we will ask your permission to touch. Light touches of the hands and fingers can be used to concentrate energy to specific areas. The healer often moves their hands over your body, without touching, to transmit the healing energy. They may, however, be moved to areas where they will stop and lightly touch to direct the flow of energy. If you are uncomfortable with touching, let the healer know. The healing will still be effective. It always remains a three way connection between God (Spirit), the healer, and you.

They will let you know that the healing is finished by offering a closing prayer of thanks.

3. Is there anything I should do to prepare for healing?

It is beneficial if you can spend a few minutes in quietness and inward preparation. Give yourself permission to receive the renewal of healing. Be open, receptive and positive. If you have something specific you wish the healing to help, set that intention in your mind.

4. Can I receive a healing for someone else?

Of course! You may receive healing in the name of a loved one, and/or a condition or situation, as well as for yourself. You simply need to state your intention, either to the healer, or silently to yourself. Each healing received, each healing taken to heart, can help uplift and restore a sense of spiritual balance to our lives.

5. What should I do during and after the healing?

After you sit down, place your feet flat on the floor with your hands on your lap, palms open, and turned upward. Breathe deeply in and out several times, and then gently close your eyes to relax. Enjoy the sensations, feelings, vision, colors, etc. that the healing may bring to you. 

At the end of the healing, slowly open your eyes and gently move your body. Start with your fingers and toes, then your neck arms and legs. Do not stand up until you feel fully aware of your surroundings.

Accept the healing in love. Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Remember to give thanks and keep positive thoughts and blessings.

Take the healing energy with you and let it continue to work through you.

6. Will I receive a message during the healing?

At the end of the healing, slowly open your eyes and gently move your body. Start with your fingers and toes, then your neck arms and legs. Do not stand up until you feel fully aware of your surroundings.

Do not expect a message when sitting for healing. This is a sacred transference of healing energies from the love and power of God and Spirit through the healer to the recipient. All intentions are set to deliver the highest and best energies to you during the healing. However, if you are also sitting for a reading with a Medium / Healer, they may convey messages that they received for you during the healing.

7. Will I feel immediate results after the healing?

The true value of Spiritual Healing is not always measured immediately, although you may receive immediate relief. Others may verify and recognize change slowly. All healings benefit the receiver. Trust in the love and power of Spirit to touch you or the situation in need. Expect good results and respect the process.

8. What is the source of the healing energy?

All healing comes from God (Spirit), the universe, Mother Earth. A spiritual healer acts as a channel for this healing energy; not its source. Even if the healer works in conscious cooperation with healing guides in Spirit, they all work together, as a unified channel for God's healing.

9. Who can become a Spiritual Healer?

Anyone can become a healing channel. We are all Spirit; God is Spirit and God's healing is spiritual in nature; therefore, so long as the one's intent is to help and to work with Spirit's healing Light, that person can become a healing channel.